Arkansas’ very own Barrett Baber will be taking to The Voice stage Tuesday night and we talked to him about the reputation he has earned among the other contestants.

They say he is kind of a prankster, he makes a lot of people laugh. For Barrett, that is an important part of the journey.

“I think that’s the important part about this process is to keep it real, kind of keep it light and understand this is just
a step in the process of becoming an artist and becoming a nationally known artist and it’s really easy to get in your own head out here and sort of get all tensed up about auditions and your song and the moment because it’s such a massive audience and massive moment. So I think it’s what this cast needs sometimes is a joke every now and then, so I’m happy to provide that for them,” said Barrett.

Barrett will spend all day Tuesday in rehearsals, perfecting his song before the live shows Tuesday night. That is when you can vote, and it is time to activate the people of Arkansas.