Our very own Barrett Baber coming in third on NBC’s The Voice. It has been an incredible ride.
He is so excited for what the future holds, but right now, he’s excited to get back home to Arkansas.
“It’s going to be great to get home and to look at people in the eye and tell them thank you. It’s one thing to say it on social media or even to post a video about it, but to shake somebody’s hand that’s an Arkansan and say thanks for giving me this opportunity, I’m looking forward to that. It’ll be at some gigs, but also just when I’m out and about. Just looking forward to visiting with people and saying thanks,” said Barrett Baber.

The next few months will be very busy for Barrett. He says he plans on writing more music, traveling across the state that he loves and hopefully across the country, doing a lot of live shows. So, this is definitely not the last time you will see Barrett Baber. He cannot wait to see all you fans back home!