Barrett Baber will be performing during the live show on NBC’s The Voice Tuesday night. He is not able to reveal exactly what song he will be singing, but he did give us a little hint.
“It’s a really great song, look forward to performing it tomorrow. It’s kind of a narrative. It tells a story of a beautiful thing I think that everybody can relate to and it’s a wonderful song. It’s a monster ballad and I think people are going to be stoked when they hear me sing it and I’d be surprised if America doesn’t really respond really well,” said Barrett.
“It’s a whole different thing. I kind of got over, not over, I kind of got used to him just singing. I mean I hear him all
the time. He sings everywhere. But there’s something special about this and he goes up there and he shows what he can really do with the lighting and the production and it’s amazing. And I can see that, that thing, that spark that he’s got. It’s great to see that come out. It’s inspiring. I love it,” said Sarah Baber, Barrett’s wife.
Be sure to watch the live show Tuesday night on NBC to see what song he will perform!