Tuesday marks day two of the live shows on The Voice and that means Barrett Baber will be taking to the stage.
Both Team Blake and Team Pharrell will be performing. Barrett gave us a little hint at what he will be singing. He says it is a monster ballad, and then it is time for you to vote.
“We’re going to activate the state, man, and I’ve been feeling it all the way out here in California. The love on social media is so strong and a lot of my colleagues back home, teacher colleagues saying entire schools are behind me. There’s just an army of people that are excited about this moment,” said Barrett.
“Arkansas is amazing and we know that and we love it and there’s no other place we’d rather be. But to see people that you don’t know or to see people that you haven’t been in touch with in years and years and years send you a message or some encouragement or some support, you’re just not going to get that anywhere else. And Arkansas is so so special to us,” said Sarah Baber, Barrett’s wife.
There are four ways you can vote for Barrett Baber. Download his song on iTunes, get The Voice app, search NBC The Voice on Facebook, or go to NBC.com. Barrett said he is ready to see those votes start rolling in!