Barrett Baber stopped by to talk about The Voice, as the Blind Auditions came to an end. 

Baber said in regards to his appearances in the NBC promotions for Tuesday’s epidsode, “I wasn’t expecting it to be as rad as it was. Last night happened and they featured me a bunch and kind of featured my battle. It people excited again and my social media was blowing up.”

Next week, Baber along with other contestants will begin the Battle round phase of The Voice. Baber says he will have a completely different approach going into the elimination rounds, as opposed to his qualifying. “When you’re going into a battle, you’re singing with someone, but against them at the same time. So it’s really easy to over sing or to do too much or trying to flex your vocal muscle. My approach going up against my partner, Dustin Christianson is to go out and make good music.”

The Battle Round competition will begin later this month.

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