St. Louis, MO-

A batting slump.  Every baseball player, at some point, deals with it.   Talk with Andrew Benintendi and he won’t shy away from his recent struggles.  The Former Hog graciously addressed how quickly his hitting average took a plunge after a hot streak when he went 10 for 19.  He’s now 0 for his last 26.  But, make no mistake, Benintendi handled this interview (a sit-down conversation with Razorback Nation) with class, and it speaks to how he consistently brings a calming process.  

“You’re gonna have your ups and downs throughout the season.  It’s gonna happen, you can’t really avoid them.  You’re gonna stay even-keel for the most part.  Even right now I’m struggling, I’m going through a rough patch, but you know all you can do is continue your routine, trusting what got you here,” the Red Sox Left Fielder said. 

One routine you’ll see from Benintendi and his fellow outfielders is a dance orchestrated by Benny, Mookie Betts and Jackie Bradley Junior after Boston wins.  

“Last year in the Minors I would obviously follow it on twitter and social media, things like that.  So when I got called up, they asked me, do you know how to do this?  I said yeah I know how to do this, I’ve been watching…so, at that point I was thinking I need to think of a dance move.  I used to watch Michael Jackson videos, the Thriller Dance and things like that when I was a kid, so I thought it was only right I would do this.  We try to keep it fun and we look forward to doing those dances at the end of games,” Benintendi said.

Having fun in the Bigs while also battling through difficult times.  That is reality for the Cincinnati Native who made it to the Show in August of 2016.  He hit .295 last year, and homered in the ALDS against Cleveland.  Wednesday Night in St. Louis, the young star (Benintendi doesn’t turn 23 until July 6th) hit a sacrifice fly in the 8th to tie the game with the Cardinals 4-4.  From there, it took a long time before either team scored again.  Chris Young’s RBI Single in the 13th was the difference.  5-4 the final, Boston past the Redbirds to sweep the series. Another victory for Boston.  Another victory dance for the Red Sox Outfield.  

Benintendi’s next stop?  Oakland.  Knowing Benny Baseball, knowing his past, it’s only a matter of time before we see ’em bust out of this slump.  He went through some tough times late in 2015 (the same year he won National Player of the Year Honors) at Arkansas right before the SEC Tournament….carried them into the second game…then crushed one over the wall in a win over Florida.  Any time he had a few issues in the minors, he worked his way out.  Case in point, that’s why his talents helped him skip Triple-A ball, bound for the majors.  

He’s handling his rapid rise to the big league level with class.  This is someone not even two full years removed from college baseball.  This is the same guy who went 5 for 5 in a game, the youngest to go 5 for 5 in a game in Red Sox History…younger than Babe Ruth!  

Benintendi entered the season as the #1 Prospect in Major League Baseball.  A strong choice to win Rookie of the Year Honors.  Point is, there is plenty of time.  First step?  Taking on the Athletics Thursday in the first of a four-game series.