EXCLUSIVE: Centerton Mayor Admits to Deleting Complaints Against Interim Police Chief


Continuing our investigation into issues filed against Centerton’s Interim Police Chief, new recordings you’ll on hear on KNWA reveal the complaints are being ignored by the mayor and he admits to doing nothing about them.

“I have deleted it because it’s a FOIA. Cause guys get on FOIA kicks so I deleted it,” says Centerton Mayor Bill Edwards.

Complaints include harassment, targeting, discrimination, and policy violations.

In these exclusive recordings, you’ll also hear Edwards say he doesn’t want to deal with the issues.

Edwards: “I wanna wait until we get a chief in here. I don’t want to deal with this.”

Exclusive footage we obtained through the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) shows Lieutenant Keck’s history of quote “unnecessary violence” while working at the Springdale Police Department. In the video, you’ll see Keck tase a suspect. He was later suspended from Springdale PD for that incident.

One officer questions Edwards as to why Keck was named interim chief if he knew his history.

In the recordings you can hear this conversation:

Officer: “You see the pattern from Springdale to Bethel Heights to here. How was he hired?!”
Edwards: *laughs* “I’m not in that process.” 

In exclusive interviews with former and current officers, we were told Edwards admits to not knowing what to do about the complaints and the continued unethical issues that happen at the Centerton Police Department.

Edwards: “What’s sad is, it’s was caused by our own people. How do you stop that? How do I keep that from happening in the future?” 

In the exclusive recording we first aired last week, you can hear Edwards laugh off a complaint that lasted over a year.

Edwards: “I got another one guy I gotta deal with, an officer making a complaint. He gave me dialog and complaints over a year.” *laughs*

Now officers say they have nowhere to turn for help.

One sergeant says he is now contacting the FBI.

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