Despite various rumors, Brian Rabal confirms to us he will remain Centerton’s city attorney. 

According to Centerton Mayor Bill Edwards, Rabal verbally confirmed he was resigning from his position in early May.

These rumors came amid police complaints against former interim police chief Lt. Anthony Keck.

In an exclusive interview, we sat down with Rabal to find out the truth.

“I indicated to the mayor that I was seriously considering resigning, I still am putting serious consideration to that,” says Brian Rabal, Centerton City Attorney.

That incident happened at a city council meeting two weeks ago. Mayor Edwards then told city staff Rabal verbally resigned.

A city councilman also tells us Edwards notified the council of Rabal’s supposed resignation through an email.

“I’m looking at all avenues,” says Rabal.

In this exclusive interview, Rabal says he’s still seriously considering leaving his position with the city but for now he will continue being Centerton’s attorney.

“I have not tendered any notice to the city council and at this time I will continue my duties until I am able to make a well-informed decision,” says Rabal.

Since Rabal remains city attorney he will still handle all of the police complaints filed against Lt. Keck. 

We spoke with some of the officers who filed complaints. They tell us Chief Cody Harper has met with them to discuss their concerns and are hoping for a resolution soon.