While wiping away tears the President remembered the 20 students killed in the Sandy Hook Elementary shooting in 2012.
The Lewis Family was rocked when six-year-old Jesse Lewis became a victim of gun violence.
In the three year’s since the shooting, the Lewis family has been on a path of forgiveness and hope Jesse’s story helps spark change.

“He was shot in the head, and they had replaced or repaired part of his head, but it’s an image that if the people that are against gun control, had been in my shoes and viewed this, they might just look at it in a different way,” David Lewis, Jesse’s grandfather said.

December 14th, 2012, 20-year-old Adam Lanza opened fire in Jesse Lewis’ first grade classroom; unloading a full clip in a matter of minutes. Though Jesse’s grandfather, David Lewis said his grandson did not die in vain.

“Jesse yelled at whoever was left to run because he could see that he had to reload the gun. They say 10 kids got out of the room after he yelled at them, he stayed with his teacher and he re-loaded and shot Jesse and shot the teacher,” Lewis said.

Lanza killed 26 people that day; twenty students and six teachers, but Lewis said the family had no choice but to forgive him for what he did.

“I didn’t  see this man as someone that shouldn’t be forgiven, he was just another human being that has just run off the track, and he just happened to be , on that day, in my grand son’s first grade classroom with a gun.”

 Lewis said in the three years since the shooting, he’s seen a President attempt to make changes to gun laws.

“It’s almost insane that we can’t come to grips with what is an obvious problem in the country of shooting each other.”

But, with little support from congress.

“What’s wrong with you? Why don’t you come to grips with this, I don’t  understand the political ramifications of doing the right thing, this is the right thing,  I think that’s why we elected these people. I would say the first step for gun control would be to outlaw multiple bullet clips, make them three or five rounds at the most anything beyond that you don’t need for hunting, you really don’t need period,” Lewis said.

Lewis said if Lanza gone into his grandson’s school with smaller clips, maybe he wouldn’t have been able to take so many lives, and said that could have also saved lives in the shootings since Sandy Hook.