JUDSONIA, Ark. – The home of a Judsonia family is quiet after the loss of two dogs. The family says, at the hands of a police officer on August 16.

“I’ve never been this heartbroken and mad at the same time,” Dalaina Cross, the owner of Thunder and Lightning, the two dog that were shot said. 

She says the officer was conducting a traffic stop at the beginning of their driveway on Highway 367 North.

Thunder and Lightning were outside to use the restroom and went up to the scene.

Cross said her son stepped out on the porch to call them home. “Thunder! Lightning! Thunder! He got about 3 out before the cops started shooting,” she said. 

I miss my dogs, but I am so mad that he shot towards my home and towards my children,” Cross said.

Cross says she’s spoke with Judsonia Police Chief Robert Parsons who she says told her the officers reasoning for shooting was justified.

“I wanted him (the officer) to take some leave time. I wanted him to take some gun safety classes. I wanted him to come apologize to my sons,” Cross said.

Cross says Lightning was killed at the beginning of the driveway. 

The spots of blood that stain the rocks on her driveway are from Thunder. She says Thunder was shot while running home. He made it inside but bled out in front of her 5 children.

“They are completely traumatized,” Cross stated.

The loss of Thunder and Lightning will forever hurt but gunshots aimed in the direction of her home is something she can’t let go.

I can’t, months from now hear about a story on the news where an officer did the same thing and actually hurt somebody or killed someone’s child.”

The two pups would have turned 2 years old in December.

We’ve reached out to the Judsonia Police Department for confirmation on these allegations but since the incident is being investigated, they couldn’t comment.