ROGERS, Ark. (KNWA/KFTA) — As the first frost of the season looms over Arkansas, farmers in the region are busy preparing for the cold weather that threatens their crops.

Among them, the Samaritan Center Farm in Rogers prepares for the winter season with a special focus on maintaining its vital community cafeteria services.

The Samaritan Center Farm has long supported the Northwest Arkansas community, offering a community cafeteria where people can enjoy meals free of charge. 

To tackle this challenge, the Samaritan Center Farm is taking proactive measures. In anticipation of reduced crop yields due to the frost, the farm has forged partnerships with external sources like the local food bank to ensure a steady supply of fresh produce throughout the winter. This collaboration aims to help the Samaritan Center maintain its mission of providing nutritious meals to those in need, even in the face of adverse weather conditions.

Despite the weather-related hurdles, the spirit of community service remains unwavering at the Samaritan Center. Dedicated volunteers are stepping up to ensure that no one goes hungry during the winter months. These volunteers are committed to preparing and serving meals to the Northwest Arkansas community.

“The work here is so gratifying. It gives you such a good sense of purpose and happiness to be able to work here, harvest vegetables, go back to the center at the end of the day and watch people receive this for no cost. It feels the world. It feels amazing”, said farm assistant Hannah Evans.

Farmers across Arkansas are experiencing similar challenges as they prepare for the frost and its potential impact on their crops. With collaborative efforts and community support, the Samaritan Center Farm and its volunteers are determined to continue offering assistance to those who rely on their services in the Northwest Arkansas area.