FAYETTEVILLE, Ark. (KNWA/KFTA) — Fayetteville City Council approved an ordinance 7-1 defining what a campground is and requiring conditional use permits for them on Tuesday.

Richard and Gladys Tiffany own property across from the Fayetteville National Cemetery. They let homeless people stay on the property. The Tiffany’s said about 10-12 people, mostly women, stay on the property at a time.

“The women need a safe place when you’re homeless,” Richard said.

The pair have been cited for not having a conditional use permit because they don’t believe it’s a full-fledged campground. So, city attorney Kit Williams said the city council worked to define a campground to address that issue and ensure the safety of people on and around the property.

“The city council thought we probably ought to absolutely define campgrounds,” Williams said.

The Tiffanys’ said the city needs to address the housing crisis as a whole, instead of focusing on a campground ordinance.

“They’re desperate, they’re helpless, they’re hopeless, we’re not going to drive them out,” Gladys said.

Jannie Layne’s son is buried at the Fayetteville National Cemetery. She said the people at the property have caused disruptions to the area and need to be regulated.

“We have had to halt funerals for unclaimed veterans because of the violence, the language coming out of the property next door,” Layne said.

Layne said she’s not wanting the people to be driven off the property but wanted to ensure regulations under the ordinance are in place.

“Clean it up, maintain some respect and honor for those of us who buried our children, our husbands, our wives, our mothers,” Layne said.

The ordinance requiring conditional use permits for campgrounds will require owners to take control over things like sanitation and waste to ensure the safety and well-being of people on and around the property.