FAYETTEVILLE, Ark. (KNWA/KFTA) — Here at KNWA we like to highlight the good things happening in our community.

Tonight, we’re introducing you to a Fayetteville artist who’s work you might have seen last time you picked up a bottle of soda.

The Jones Soda company has used over 40 images from this artist on over a million soda bottles.

Photographer Jennifer Fullbright said her career as a Jones Soda Artist started back in 2007.

She submitted photo of her daughter ice skating after she picked up a bottle of soda on a road trip.

The company picked it up, and next thing you know, Fullbright’s family is being highlighted on soda bottles all over the country.

She said, “I submitted some more and then it hit. It just exploded. We were getting notices and finding them in stores… It’s kind of addictive.”

There’s no paycheck involved with Fullbright’s gig, but she said her payout is getting to share her work with the community.