FAYETTEVILLE, Ark. (KNWA/KFTA) — The Fayetteville City Council voted on January 18 to reinstate the city’s mask mandate effective January 19. The city also passed a resolution to help fund emergency shelters and an ordinance allowing all short-term rentals to stay in Fayetteville.

According to the legislation text, masks may be removed while eating or drinking if social distancing and disinfection are also followed.

Settings with 10 or fewer people such as small business offices which do not serve the public in person, and areas without normal public access, such as semi-private offices and workshops, will not require masks unless people cannot follow social distancing.

The legislation says reasonable accommodations may be made for people with a disabling condition that prevents wearing a face mask.

Masks may be removed in outdoor settings generally while social distancing is followed. Masks will be worn at managed events when attendance and format prevent social distancing.

The legislation says children younger than two years of age will not be required to wear face masks.

According to the legislation, the mandate will likely not need to be in force nearly as long as previous mandates.

The legislation says the ordinance’s mask mandate will automatically terminate on March 2 unless the city council extends the ordinance by passing a resolution by the March 1 city council meeting setting a new date for the termination of the ordinance and its mask mandate.

The city council also passed a resolution to approve a budget adjustment of $21,442 to partially fund emergency shelters for homeless people.

The city approved an agreement with 7hills Homeless Center, Genesis Church, Central United Methodist Church, and Northwest Arkansas Continuum of Care to partially fund emergency shelters when the Salvation Army Shelter and other shelters are fully occupied during dangerously cold nights.

“This is a great opportunity for several organizations who are working to end homelessness and kind of come together,” said Steven Mills, chief operating officer at 7hills.

The city council also passed an ordinance allowing short-term rentals in more zoning districts.

The ordinance permits short-term rentals in additional zoning districts and will increase the allowable number of short-term rentals in attached residential units where adequate fire protection is present, according to the legislation.