FAYETTEVILLE, Ark. (KNWA/KFTA) — Northwest Arkansas and the River Valley are expecting winter weather, but road crews in Fayetteville and Crawford County will have trouble pretreating the roads due to rain.

Preparations on January 18 in Fayetteville included cleaning up equipment and safety checks after clearing snow and ice off the roads over the weekend.

One thing the crews can’t do is get a head start on the roads themselves.

“You can’t hardly pretreat a whole lot because the rain just washes everything that you do off the road,” said Joey Smith, assistant transportation manager for the city of Fayetteville. “So, we kind of want to wait until the last minute we can to start pretreating because it’ll wash it off and it won’t do any good.”

The Fayetteville Transportation Department has teams of about 15 workers on call at all times to deal with severe weather.

Crawford County Road Superintendent Chris Keith explains how the situation can quickly change.

“Ice is a lot more dangerous. You’re sliding on a sheet of glass when you’re on ice,” Keith said. “We try to hit everything we can. If it continues to rain after we put the material down, it will wash the material off. Some of it will stay, but we may have to go back and hit some of those spots for a second time.”

Keith said the best option is to avoid driving if possible. If driving is unavoidable, drivers should plan on taking extra time to reach their destination.