A Fayetteville man was arrested on drug charges. 

According to police, a traffic stop was conducted after an officer noticed a silver vehicle traveling in a designated bike lane.

The officer made contact with the driver, Logan Wiley, 24, and obtained consent to search the vehicle. 

Police said as Wiley passed to exit the vehicle, he smelled of marijuana and denied having marijuana on him.

After further conversation, Wiley admitted to having marijuana in his pocket.

Police discovered a pill bottle with marijuana residue, one bag of marijuana weighing 2.79g and another bag of marijuana weighing 2.13g.

Wiley was arrested and taken to the Washington County Detention Center.

Police also conducted a strip search due to Wiley’s nervous manner before and during the traffic stop. A small bag with a white powdery substance was handed to officers that tested positive for cocaine. 

Wiley remains in custody.