FAYETTEVILLE, Ark. (KNWA/KFTA) — On June 1, a Fayetteville man entered into a plea agreement regarding enticement of a minor charges he was facing in the Western District of Arkansas Federal Court.

Bart Stockland, 33, agreed to waive indictment by a grand jury and to plead guilty to the charge. The case will now proceed before a Magistrate Judge. If that judge recommends that the plea be accepted, a presentence investigation and report will then be ordered. The guilty plea is also subject to approval and acceptance by the District Judge, who would conduct sentencing.

As part of the agreement, Stockland also agrees to forfeit an iPhone 6s seized during the investigation because it is considered “property facilitating illegal conduct.” The filing also notes that “the Defendant has committed each of the elements of the crime to which the Defendant is pleading guilty and admits that there is a factual basis for this guilty plea.”

The “true and undisputed facts” in the agreement detail that on July 3, 2020, a father reported to the Abilene, Texas Police Department that his 15-year-old daughter had been in contact with Stockland “via Snapchat and text messages.” The victim told investigators that she was introduced to him through a friend.

Law enforcement identified Stockland as a resident of Fayetteville and referred the case to Fayetteville police for further investigation. The case was then adopted by Homeland Security Investigations.

A special agent confirmed that Stockland offered money for explicit photos and videos from the victim. “The conduct depicted in this video constitutes child pornography,” the plea agreement states.

By entering a guilty plea, he faces the following penalties:

  • A maximum term of life imprisonment, with a mandatory minimum term of ten years
  • A maximum fine of $250,000
  • A term of supervised release for not less than five years, up to life
  • A possibility of returning to prison if he violates the conditions of supervised release
  • A special assessment of $100
  • An additional special assessment of $5,000

The document also outlines the detailed conditions of supervised release, which include allowing a probation officer to visit the defendant at his home or elsewhere at any time, as well as a stipulation that he work at least 30 hours per week at “a lawful type of employment.”

He is also required to register as a sex offender, providing his name and address no later than three business days after any change.

The agreement does not promise a specific sentence. It also notes that if the sentencing guideline range is “greater than the parties expected,” he has no right to withdraw his plea.

The prosecution agrees not to object to an “appropriate-level decrease in the base offense level” due to the defendant accepting responsibility for his actions. The agreement was signed by Stockland, his attorney Joel Huggins, U.S. Attorney David Clay Fowlkes and Assistant U.S. Attorney Carly Marshall.