FAYETTEVILLE, Ark. (KNWA/KFTA) — A Fayetteville mother and father have been arrested and face a host of charges after allegedly engaging in a car chase and shooting at their daughter.

According to a preliminary report, Latoya Samuels, 41, and Torrance Farmer, Sr., 47, of Fayetteville were arrested after Fayetteville Police Department officers responded to a call of shots fired at E. Township St. and N. College Ave. on February 13.

The caller stated that the suspects, her parents, were chasing her. She added that sometime during the chase, “she had been shot at but she had gotten away.” She provided officers with the location of the last place she had seen her parents and made arrangements with dispatch to meet police at a safe location.

After meeting the officers, she told them that she and her boyfriend were leaving Motel 6 on College Ave. and as they left, her parents pulled up, with her mother at the wheel. Her father then allegedly flashed a gun at her and was “holding a weapon outside of the passenger window.”

According to the report, the caller’s boyfriend drove off with his girlfriend and made multiple turns in an attempt to get away from her parents, stating he was “actively attempting to flee from them, running red lights in the effort.”

The boyfriend turned south onto Villa Blvd. off Sunbridge Dr. and then the pair heard gunshots. Her parents reportedly turned into the Braum’s parking lot, and then the victims turned back north onto College Ave. and were able to escape due to traffic stopping the parents.

The caller explained that the entire matter occurred because her father was missing $1,500. She explained that she started receiving threatening messages from her father the night before, with the tone escalating to the point that they got a motel room instead of returning to her home.

Police officers located the suspects’ vehicle and initiated a traffic stop just north of the intersection of Gregg St. and Drake St.

Samuels ignored the police car’s lights and continued to drive south, then “took off at a high rate of speed, initiating a vehicle pursuit.” The officers listed the following charges against Samuels just from the pursuit:

  • Speeding over 25 MPH
  • Improper Turn
  • Improper Lane Usage
  • Careless and Prohibited Driving

She also was driving on a suspended license. Police stated that she “weaved in and out of traffic in a reckless manner” and proceeded to I-49. Officers saw Farmer throw a handgun out of the passenger window, and they later recovered it.

Eventually Samuels came to a stop on the southbound off-ramp of I-49 and Porter Rd. Both suspects were arrested and transported to Fayetteville Police Department for questioning.

During the interview, Farmer confessed to owning the pistol, throwing it out the window, and threatening to kill his daughter through a social media messaging app. He also admitted to finding her at the Motel 6 with the intent of causing her physical harm. Additionally, he admitted to chasing her through several streets and firing his weapon for the purpose of scaring her.

After background checks, the police discovered that Farmer had previously been charged and found guilty on multiple felonies. Samuels also had a criminal history, including charges of Aggravated Assault and Aggravated Robbery.

While interviewing Samuels, she told officers that Farmer encouraged her to flee after they spotted the police unit.

In addition to the traffic charges, Samuels is facing charges of:

  • Fleeing
  • Accomplice to Unlawful Discharge of a Firearm from a Vehicle
  • Accomplice to Terroristic Threatening, First Degree
  • Accomplice to Stalking, Third Degree

Farmer’s charges are for:

  • Unlawful Discharge of a Firearm from a Vehicle, Second Degree
  • Terroristic Threatening in the First Degree (Domestic)
  • Stalking, Third Degree
  • Possession of a Firearm by a Certain Person
  • Tampering With Physical Evidence
  • Carrying a Weapon
  • Fleeing (Felony)

Samuels and Farmer are being held in Washington County Jail and each has a courtroom appearance set for February 16. Farmer’s bond has been set at $10,000 for the Unlawful Discharge of a Firearm charge.