FAYETTEVILLE, Ark. (KNWA/KFTA) – A few residents at Park Lake Apartments in Fayetteville spent Christmas Eve and Christmas day without water. Before the water was turned back on Monday evening, it created a lot of issues for families and those with disabilities.

Brittany Ducre lives in a Park Lake apartment. She said Christmas Eve morning, she woke up to a loud noise. She went to the back of her apartment where the washer is- only to see water covering the floor up to her ankles. She turned off the washer, but that wasn’t the issue. A pipe had burst.

Multiple residents reported this issue, and the water was turned off. Due to waiting so long for the water to turn back on, Ducre and her family had to stay in a Rogers hotel for part of the Christmas holiday.

“Just imagine- not being able to cook breakfast for your kids when it’s time for them to be opening gifts,” said Ducre.

Her kids couldn’t brush their teeth or use the bathroom, and Ducre couldn’t wash the dishes.

Cilia Rodriguez also had a difficult Christmas. Water started leaking on Christmas Eve into both her and her daughter’s bedrooms. She had to get a shop-vac to dry up some of the water that had settled into her bedroom floor.

Rodriguez also helps care for three disabled family members who can’t get out of the apartment to get water on their own, especially in the cold temperatures. The lack of water for over 24-hours was a large inconvenience and frustration.

Although Rodriguez is happy the water is back on, she thinks more will need to be done to avoid future issues.

“They need to make sure they check for mold. This water is obviously going to be staying here for a while until it’s cleaned up,” said Rodriguez.

Both Rodriguez and Ducre said a plumber visited their apartments around 6 p.m. Monday night to remedy the situation, and they are thankful the water is back on.