FAYETTEVILLE, Ark. (KNWA/KFTA) — Hundreds of Fayetteville high school students walked out of school today to protest gun violence.

Stella Anderson, a student at Fayetteville High School, says she wants her life to be protected and it’s not okay that it’s not.

“It should not be normal for me to wake up, and go to school and in the back of my mind, my conscience tells me ‘I hope I don’t die during the school period,'” Anderson said.

Anderson says like many other students, she just wants their voices and the protest to be heard.

“I want to feel safe in the building that I’m required to be in almost every Monday to Friday at least six hours a day,” Anderson said.

Anderson says the protest is also in opposition to Senate Bill 450, which is a bill to amend the law concerning the possession of a handgun while traveling.

“People have the ability to speak out if they don’t like something, but that goes on both sides of this. So, I’m proud that people are exercising their constitutional rights,” said Republican Senator Justin Boyd of District 27.

Boyd says Arkansas is already a constitutional carry state so Senate Bill 450 just helps clean up any lack of confusion.

“All this bill does is it’s a technical cleanup to help clarify this issue of what happens from the residence to the county line,” Boyd said.

Senator Boyd says SB-450 offers more protection for gun owners, but Anderson says this bill opens up a loophole for more potential problems down the road.

“This is just clarifying that so that gun owners and people who are out on a journey have, you know, the ability to protect themselves,” Boyd said.