FAYETTEVILLE, Ark. (KNWA/KFTA) — Secondary roads were still iced over this weekend and they have been difficult to drive through.

The main roads are clear but the neighborhood roads were still the ones causing trouble for Letter Carriers like Melody McGrill.

“I got stuck I was on a hill and I had to do a three-point turn and when I went to reverse it just was spinning,” McGrill said.

Situations like McGrill’s are the exact reason the U.S. Postal Service is taking extra safety precautions.

“We would put chains on there, sandbags in the back and that’s just so that we can get through the roads,” McGrill said.

Donny Tisdale, the postmaster at USPS spent all afternoon getting carriers like McGrill unstuck out of the ice.

“The road crews push a lot of that snow over to the side; but it ends up being a lot of times in front of the mailboxes, which means that carriers have to driver over into that and then stop at the mailbox and then get started again,” Tisdale said.

Although the job has been challenging the last few days, McGrill says she loves delivering mail.

“I love being here, I love being able to serve people, I love seeing people’s faces and everything so we are here and we love everybody in our community and we enjoy our job,” McGrill said.