A nationwide equality movement hit the streets of Northwest Arkansas today. Hundreds of people gathered to advocate for women’s rights right here at home.

“Why aren’t we out here everyday?” Laurel Burgio-Ericson said. 

All it takes is one voice in a crowd of many. 

“We honestly march because we can’t get tired as women,” Burgio-Ericson said. “It’s important to be here and make a presence.”

The 2018 Fayetteville Women’s March united people to speak up. 

“This is a time of fatigue for women,” Burgio-Ericson said. “So it’s really important that we are here and we are standing here with our brothers and sisters supporting each other by coming out in public.”

“I have a daughter and I want her life to be easier than it was for me,” Jackie Taylor said.  

Marcher Jackie Taylor says the struggle for equality runs deep. 

“I worked in a profession for thirty years where I got unequal pay and denied promotions like the men did because I was female,” Taylor said “I don’t want that for anyone below us.” 

The crowd even had some male faces. 

“I don’t think gender should get in the way of what is the right thing to do,” Taylor Henschell said. “It’s tough being part of a group that you can’t choose to be a part of that does the wrong thing sometimes” 

Taylor says the fight has only begun. 

“Freedom of speech is the biggest right we need to maintain,” Taylor said. “We just have to keep pushing forward. It’s the only way we accomplish things.”