The FBI agent who deleted 140 hours of secret audio recording of former state senator Jon Woods took the stand in court Thursday.

The U.S. Department of Justices alleges former state representative, Micah Neal, and Woods took kickbacks for almost $550,000 in state grants directed to Ecclesia College.

Neal pleaded guilty to accepting kickbacks in 2016.

Thursday’s hearing discussed the 79 secret audio recordings taken by Neal of Woods on his pen.

However, it was later discovered the laptop used in the investigation, which held copies of the audio files, had been wiped by FBI agent Robert Cessario.

Cessario said he had sensitive medical records on his laptop, which he was allowed to use for personal use.

The final witness to take the stand Thursday was a Cox Communication security investigator. 

He confirmed where the three different IP addresses on the laptop were pinged regarding the case.

The hearing will resume Friday, at 9 a.m.