FAYETTEVILLE, Ark. (KNWA/KFTA) — For University of Arkansas students Anna Grace Adams and Ashely Gay, they use artificial intelligence for creativity. 

“When writing a paper, I’ll use AI as kind of a reference to get some ideas, to get some headings or some topics. And then I’ll also use AI to check for any grammar mistakes or writing mistakes,” said Ashley Gay, a senior at the university.  

“But I can also see how it could be an issue because it’s not your own personal thoughts,” said Anna Grace Adams.  

Dr. Shadow Robinson is the Vice Chancellor at the University of Arkansas-Fort Smith. 

He says throughout the years as technology has grown and become a part of our daily lives. Educators have had to learn ways to integrate technological tools in the classroom. 

“Certainly, I think with every new technological advancement, what we run into is suddenly we have tools that can do things not only humans can do but have been teaching them to do for some time,” said Robinson.  

However, this is not the first time teachers have had to adapt to technological advances. Take for example, the calculator. 

“Certainly many of us memorized our multiplication table when we were in K-6. The calculator has always been able to do that better. But having a working understanding of it makes us better at using the calculator,” said Robinson.  

Robinson says these advancements can help people do their jobs more efficiently. 

“The first time I ever heard about AI was actually not from my connections that are concerned around cheating in an educational setting but of people using CHATGPT to help them write code very quickly,” said Robinson.  

He says educators should not push away this new technological tool but embrace it. 

“Not letting them learn how to use the tool we are doing a professional disservice. It would be like going back and having classes saying you are never allowed to use the calculator,” said Robinson. “You are never allowed to use the encyclopedia. You just have to know all of this in your head and be able to do it. Then you go into the workforce, and everyone is using it.”  

Robinson says AI introduced to students as a tool could help them progress faster and even help them understand concepts differently.