DECATUR, Ark. (KNWA/KFTA) — At 39 weeks pregnant, Emillie Walker learned timing is everything.

“I’m about to have a baby in a parking lot,” Walker said.

The plan was to get Walker to the hospital to deliver her baby, but that never happened.

“The entire time I was like, this baby is coming, I’m not pushing but she’s coming,” Walker said.

Her husband was at work an hour away.

Her friend was behind the wheel.

“She was like, do you need me to pull over or do you think we can make it,” Walker said. “I was like no, the baby is here.”

The two pulled into the Decatur Police Department’s parking lot, there to help was Chief Stephen Grizzle.

“I told her I’m not a doctor, I’m a police officer but I’m here with you until EMS gets here,” Grizzle said. “Until we get someone better.”

But the baby wasn’t waiting for EMS to arrive.

“I actually told her, mam, my knees are shaking,” Grizzle said.

On Dec. 8, at around 8:30 A.M. Baby Coraline was born -ten minutes from when they pulled into the parking lot.

Even though giving birth in a parking lot without an epidural wasn’t quite according to plan, Baby Coraline was born without any complications.

“She’s got 18 years of making up for this,” Walker said.

“I rolled the baby over, cleared out her mouth and she immediately started crying which was a beautiful sign to hear,” Grizzle.

Not long after, Walker and baby Coraline were taken to the hospital.

“Especially in law enforcement, I get to see all of the bad things all the time so seeing something like this was absolutely wonderful,” Grizzle said. “I’ll remember it for the rest of my life.”

“I feel like this is going to be a Christmas tradition,” Walker said. “Maybe we’ll get a yearly picture with Chief Grizzle.”

A photo that’ll be worth a thousand words.