BENTON COUNTY, Ark. — Beaver Lake Fire Department has had an increase in average calls during the Fourth of July weekend, according to Fire Chief John Whisenant.

Excessive heat has played a crucial part in incidents over the weekend.

“I encourage to stay hydrated and watch alcohol intake,” Chief Whisenant said.

The department is accustomed to an average of three daily calls, but a Facebook post made early July 3 stated the department had responded to seven calls in 36 hours.

Two calls were lake related incidents, said Chief Whisenant. People need to be wearing life jackets.

“Yesterday we had a boat that took in water by Highway 12 Bridge,” Chief Whisenant said.

Thankfully the incident was a success but in many situations when others aren’t by the shore or have their life jackets on it can be a different story.

Two other calls were heat-related illnesses, he said. Once again, he couldn’t encourage more of staying hydrated and keeping an eye on alcohol intake.


“Conditions around Northwest Arkansas are drier than usual,” Chief Whisenant said. “Use caution. Keep away from sheds and your home.”

Crews have already responded to one home fire due to fireworks. Crews were able to successfully put out the fire but there was damage to the home, he said.

He recommends to:

  • Have a fire extinguisher or water hose nearby
  • Keep away from sheds
  • Keep away from homes
  • Use caution

“It can happen so fast,” he said. It can become something that can cause damage. Things like wind speed have an impact in these conditions

Weather Conditions

Fire Captain Adams spoke about a rollover incident posted on Facebook.

The wet inclement weather had impacted the roads, but this is nothing new for rescue crews as they are prepared, he said.

Stay informed on weather conditions and if an incident occurs while you’re enjoying time by Beaver Lake, Beaver Lake Fire Department Community Connect is one way to get in touch with crews.