WASHINGTON COUNTY, Ark. (KNWA/KFTA) — Rescue crews helped get families out of flooded homes near Hamestring Creek on Thursday.

Sarah Millsap carried her baby to safety with the help of the Fayetteville Fire Department and Washington County rescue crews. She said the flooding was a terrifying experience.

“I’ve never been so scared before in my entire life,” Millsap said.

Director of Washington County Emergency Management John Luther said they had to wait until the water receded to help rescue the families.

“Rescuers from the County technical team, Fayetteville Fire Department and others were able to come out and help them,” Luther said.

Luther said all the families were evacuated safely. Luther said to steer clear of any moving water that may remain Thursday night.

“It’s very deceiving how even shallow water moving fast can displace a vehicle so we want to make certain that you don’t get into that situation,” Luther said.