BENTONVILLE, Ark (KNWA/KFTA) — It’s time to start making plans for Tax-Free Weekend.

The owner of Little Darlings, a kids resale shop in Bentonville, has been helping parents get kids clothes for many years now, and on Tax-Free Weekend Jill darling said the key is to think ahead and start early.

Darling said to start buying more expensive fall and winter clothes now, things like coats and jeans.

She also said you can find the best selection of items at the start of the day. If you head out to the stores early, Darling hopes you’ll have more patience when it comes to shopping small.

“We’re a small business, so we only have one cash register. So you might have to wait in line a little bit, but we try to get people in and out as quick as we can,” said Darling.

Little Darlings is usually closed on Sundays, but for the Sales Tax Holiday, it’ll be open. Darling said the weekend is important for parents’ budgets, especially if they’re back-to-school shopping for multiple kids.

As a secondhand shop, Darling is always trying to help families save.

“We’re really, really busy, but it saves people when they don’t have to pay taxes. It saves them about 10% off their off the price of the clothing, and then our clothing is discounted about 30% off of retail. So they get a really good deal,” she said.

Tax-Free Weekend runs August 6-7. During those days, you can get kids ready for class by shopping for school supplies, electronics, and clothes without paying Sales Tax.

There will still be Sales Tax on things like regular grocery items and filling up your gas tank.