BENTON COUNTY, Ark. (KWNA/KFTA) — Due to the increased lake calls over the Fourth of July weekend, Highway 94 East Fire Department will be assisting the Benton County Sherriff’s Office according to their Facebook post.

Earlier today, Beaver Lake Fire Department responded to an emergency on Beaver Lake according to their Facebook post. The rescue included BLFD “crews with A Platoon” and a member from the Hwy 94E Fire Dept.

(Arkansas Boating Laws and Responsibilities Handbook pg. 31)

Earlier this summer, the Hwy 94E Fire Dept. posted a video on their Facebook page of the evening crew training how to remove victims from the water. 

Children 12 years and younger are required to securely wear a USCG-approved Personal Floatation Device while on any vessel, according to Arkansas Boating Laws and Responsibilities Handbook

The most recent data shows that drowning is the leading accidental cause of death in infants, according to Arkansas Infant and Child Death Review Program. The Arkansas Children’s Hospital Injury Prevention Center center provided a booklet on how to prevent these accidents while out on the water.

Drowning Precautions: 

  • Do not leave your child alone near the water. Stay within arm’s length of your child(ren) 
  • Children and adults should wear life jackets in or around the water 
  • Never swim alone. Do not do drugs or consume alcohol before swimming 
  • Never dive into water that is less than nine feet deep or unknown depth 
  • Adults should learn CPR 
  • After use, take toys out of the water so children are not tempted by them 
  • Pool fences should be at least four feet high with gates that close and latch themselves. The fence should be climb resistant. Gates should open away from the pool.