One of the largest refracting telescopes in the U.S. arrived today in Rogers. 
Not only is it looking to expand space research in our area but to inspire the next generation of leaders in the science industry. 
“You will just type go to Jupiter and it will go zzz and then you are looking at Jupiter and it is going to be so awesome,” Supporting STEM & Space Coordinator Katherine Auld said.
Earlier this year, Swarthmore College donated a nearly 40 foot telescope to the city of Bentonville.
The instrument is the first piece of equipment in what will be a new observatory.
Katherine Auld from Supporting STEM and Space says the telescope will now put Northwest Arkansas on the map for science research.

“There’s not something in this area science like for this community and so I’m going to build that. because we need it. And I want one,” Auld said. 

The fifty thousand pound telescope has been in use for over 120 years. 
Two glass lenses are on either side of the telescope to focus the eye on objects within our solar system.
It will be refurbished in a storage facility before making its debut to the community. 
“Astronomy is a gateway science. I know that it’s something anyone can do and I knew a telescope was going to be important,” President of Explore Scientific Scott Roberts said. 
The addition of the telescope is attracting young minds from the area.
The observatory will partner with local schools to offer a way to encourage kids to dive into the world of space. 
“We need the next generation of scientist and engineers and mathematicians and teachers. We need those people and now a lot of them are going to come here, ” Roberts said. 
“Some people think that it is scary, but you’re not looking at problems in a textbook. If you actually go somewhere and learn about it and look through a telescope, instead of something that is that small for Jupiter it’s now this big,” student Izabelle Coleman said.