FAYETTEVILLE, Ark.( KNWA/KFTA)– Residents woke up this morning grateful to see another day but terrified to see the damage the storm has done.

Many have experienced home damage, crop damage, a tree on their home, and seen ruined cars that have left them in shock.

Kendall Beam is the Sebastian County Emergency Management Director and says no injuries have been reported at this time but many people still experienced a great loss.

“We’re really lucky in this area, we’re really lucky it wasn’t worse and it could have been a whole lot worse,” Beam said.

Sheri Hopkins a Mansfield resident says a tree fell on her home and she can’t help but be devastated.

“It’s a sick feeling to know that something like this happens to your home,” Hopkins said.

Other locals like Kendra Mattal who is a Fayetteville resident says this storm practically cost her her business.

“It’s gonna put me back but you know I will get back on my feet as I always do,” Mattal said.

Mattal says she woke up to see her greenhouse completely destroyed by yesterday’s storm.

“That’s a high tunnel, which is a cover from a greenhouse it’s 96 by 26 span that I use for raising heritage cucumbers for pickles, well not this year,” Mattal said.

As you heard many people have suffered damage but the community continues to work together to get people’s lives back on track.

“Mostly it’s debris and powerlines and just trying to get some trees off some homes today and then get things back to normal,” Beam said.

Beam said the cleanup process will continue as they go the next several days trying to figure out who experienced damage from the storm or if anybody has been injured.