Fayetteville police say they have arrested a fifth person for the capital murder of Victoria Davis.

According to investigators, Rebecca Lloyd also faces Capital Murder, Tampering with Evidence and Engaging in Violent Criminal Group Activity charges.


New information has been uncovered in the investigation of Wednesday’s death on Hill Avenue in Fayetteville.

Officers arrived at two homes on South Hill Avenue Wednesday afternoon, after receiving a call from a man who said he killed his wife after an argument.

According to investigators, the suspects held 24-year-old Victoria Davis captive, beating her with weapons for several hours.

Police say the group then destroyed some of the evidence from the crime scene.

Here’s what we know about the suspects:

John Davis is the victim’s husband. According to police records, he’s currently also a suspect in a car theft and residential burglary investigation.

Desire and Christopher Treat are married. Police records show Christopher has a gang affiliation with the Crips, and is a suspect in terroristic threatening and burglary investigations. He also has an arrest history for burglary and theft.

Mark Chumley has previously been arrested for battery, forgery, theft, and fleeing.

Neighbors say those living in the two homes did not go unnoticed. Student Lucian Elk said people living there often slept on the porch. He tells us he’s been keeping his doors locked for that reason.

Another neighbor, Chloe Reese, said their presence made her uneasy: “That house specifically there’s about a cop car there at least once a month.”

Victoria Davis’s body was transferred to the state crime lab today.


Fayetteville police have arrested multiple people for capital murder and tampering with evidence.

According to police reports, investigators arrested the victim’s husband John Davis, Christopher Treat, Desire Treat, and Mark Chumley.

Police reports say, the group assaulted Victoria Davis, 24, with weapons over a period of several hours while holding her captive.

On Wednesday, officers say they found the body of a woman in her early 20’s inside one home and several witnesses in the other when they arrived on scene around 1:00 p.m.  Police got a search warrant for the two homes involved: 433 and 455 South Hill Ave, which is on a busy street near a University of Arkansas bus stop.

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