Fighting Crime on the Trails: Former NWA Officer Teaches Self Defense

FAYETTEVILLE, Ark. - Knowing how to protect yourself at a moment's notice may be the difference between life or death . especially when out on the trails or even in your home. 

When you least expect it, danger can strike.

In recent days. we have heard several stories of people being attacked while running on the trails in  Northwest Arkansas," said Jonathan Knight who's the co-owner of the NWA Jiu Jitsu Academy. 

That's where self defense comes in play.

Knight knows first hand from responding to calls of assault on the trails that being aware and having a quick reaction is what keeps people alive.

"Our refusal to take action in these situations, it's only increasing our chances to become a victim rather than become a survivor," said Knight.

For those who don't know what Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is, it's a form of martial arts that uses locks, and chokes pressure points to gain control of the enemy. 

"It has been proven most of the fights end up on the ground at some point or another. As well as different types of attacks, like those of sexual nature," said Knight.

Knight said this form of defending yourself is most effective for smaller people against bigger opponents. 

"Of course, adrenaline takes over but that is where the training kicks in. You ever hear the saying, fight like your train and train like you fight," said Knight.

This type of training isn't only for adults, but also children.

Knight said he's had parents call wanting to train their 7-year-old to protect them against bullies.

"They have sought help from Jiu Jitsu not only to defend themselves in the future, but also to recover emotionally and have some self esteem," said Knight.


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