NORTHWEST ARKANSAS (KNWA/KFTA) — Finding a permanent place to call home, is something Katie has longed for.

For the last couple of years, the 9-year-old has been in Arkansas’ foster care system.

From living in foster homes to group homes to a stay at a behavior health hospital, Katie has been in five different placements.

At one point, Katie was almost adopted.

Her adoption specialist said her pre-adoptive placement failed due to her behaviors.

“She does need a lot of attention and she definitely deserves the attention,” Division of Children and Family Services’ Adoption Specialist Carina Soto said.

According to Soto, Katie has ADHD, is on the autism spectrum and can sometimes have meltdowns.

This is why she said Katie needs a family who’ll work with her to overcome lingering issues from her past.

“A young family that is willing to stick through anything, going to be super patient, loving caring,” said Soto.

That’s exactly the kind of family Katie said she wants.

“I want a mom and dad who’re young enough to play with me,” said Katie.

Katie likes to color, read, swim, ride bikes and said she would love to find a family with a cat.

As someone who’s in tune with her racial background, she would like to find a family that matches her ethnicity.

It’s also imperative Katie’s able to maintain contact with her biological grandparents who are still involved in her life.

“I hope I find a forever home,” Katie continued, “I want to find a forever family.”

If you’re interested in learning about other kids who are available for adoption in Arkansas, like Katie, visit Project Zero’s website.