NORTHWEST ARKANSAS (KNWA/KFTA) — While most kids don’t want to enter the foster care system, that wasn’t the case for 13-year-old Lily.

“My parents were mentally, verbally and physically abusive. They were just not the best people, but I kind of see where they came from. Both sides. Their parents were abusive, too,” she said.

She fled that abusive home in November 2020 and officially entered into the foster care system the following month.

“I was actually kind of happy to come into care… everyone was so lovely, and they treated me fairly,” Lily said.

In her nearly two years there, Lily has already lived in about 10 different foster homes. She is ready to find some sort of stability, but it has to be with a family that fits her vibe.

“The only aspect I really care about in a family is if they care and respect and love individuals for who they are, because I’m not going to sit somewhere and just let someone be treated a different way because they’re different,” she said.

She described the qualities she would want in a parent as, “someone that’s really supportive and doesn’t really care how I am. Someone that just really wants to support and love [me] for who I want to be or who I am,” said Lily.

“She’s going to, you know, accept you for who you are and she’s just going to be that person that’s going to be there,” said Brenna McClure, Lily’s adoption specialist with the Division of Children and Family Services.

One thing Lily made clear is she will not settle. Much like she expects adoptive families to vet her before they consider adopting her, she wants to do the same.

“I probably want to get to know them, try to learn a few things about them. You know, spend a little bit with them and then finally say my final answer, because I don’t want to say yes and rush right into something,” she said.

KNWA met with Lily to see what she wants in a family one afternoon at the Fayetteville Public Library. At first she came off quiet then it was clear she just had a calm, cool and collected demeanor.

McClure referred to her a “super cool chick” who is laid back and will “just go with the flow.”

She walked into the library wearing a Friday the 13th shirt and shared all about how much she loves horror movies, her favorite is Nightmare on Elm Street. Recently, she said, she watched Halloween Ends and gave it a glowing review.

She said she likes scary movies because, “some parts I can relate to. I feel like because a lot of people get tortured, they get abused. I can understand that.”

In addition to watching movies, she is great at drawing and enjoys all different kinds of music.

Lily is eligible for adoption through DCFS. To learn more about her visit Project Zero’s website.