Many financial planners and professionals focus almost all their attention and efforts on helping you grow or accumulate money for retirement.  The problem is that many financial professionals specialize just on this accumulation phase that starts around age 20 or 25 and goes through age 60.

The issue here is that accumulation is only one phase of your financial life, and your current advisor is really only helping you on your way to retirement.  That could leave you exposed to a number of dangers that could affect you THRU retirement—and that is when people can’t afford to face them.

Have you heard of a Sherpa?  Sherpas are the most experienced, knowledgeable guides that accompany those setting out to climb Mt. Everest.  They are the best of the best.

What’s interesting is that these Sherpas are even more valuable to climbers on the way back down the mountain than they are on the way up.  You see, far more people die on Mt Everest after they’ve already reached the summit- after they’ve reached their goal.

Mountain climbing is actually a lot like planning for retirement.   Many people –and financial planners for that matter- focus on the climb up but most people spend very little time, on the other hand, thinking about the rest of the journey.  After years of faithful saving, they have no real plan for how to wisely use their nest egg to ensure that it lasts throughout retirement—to make sure they get safely back down the mountain.

That is where Chastain Financial comes in.  We serve as our clients Sherpa- their guide not only up the mountain but more importantly their guide back down the mountain when they’re living off what they’ve built up and making sure it lasts as long as they’ll need it.

We know the terrain well- we know the dangers ahead and the best paths to take.  At Chastain Financial, we are taking our clients up to and thru retirement.

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