An underground fire is causing a large cloud of smoke to form in Bella Vista — and the fire department says they can’t do anything about it.

This fire is at a stump dump – a compost pile where people can drop off yard debris. 

But the problem is the pile is 60 feet underground, so Bella Vista Fire cannot put it out. 

Bella vista fire department has been monitoring this fire since Sunday. 

But it says some of the wind that has picked up in the past day has caused the smoke to be more visible to people that live nearby. 

Chief Ronnie Crupper of BVFD says he and his team are available for any concerns from the community — but this is a scene to stay away from until it burns out. 

“People should not go down there,” Battalion Chief Ronnie Crupper, said. “Its a dangerous area. There are voids being created underground from the burning debris, so that creates a possibility for sinkholes which is why we are not down there. So we want to make sure the public knows that its ok to watch from the street if you want to take a look at it, but by no means should anyone go down there. It’s very dangerous.” 

Chief Crupper adds this pile will likely burn for months, maybe up to a year. 

Bella Vista Fire says even though there is no current threat, it is monitoring the situation so it does not spread to any houses along Trafalgar Road.