Firework Safety in NWA

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The fourth of July holiday is almost upon us with firework stands and noises popping up all over here in Northwest Arkansas.
For most, it’s a day to celebrate our independence, but sometimes that celebration can turn dangerous.
“We get a lot of calls on explosive type fireworks, bottle rockets and things like that. Any kind of flying firework in the city limited of Fayetteville is technically illegal,” said Mauro Campos with the Fayetteville Fire Department. He also said flying fireworks are the most common firework to start a fire.
So then, what the most common reason people get burned by fireworks?
“Usually it’s from holding them in their hands or shooting them at each other, uh sometimes they go off prematurely,” said Steve Harrison with Central EMS.
Harrison warns that excessive alcohol combined with fireworks is the number one way to put yourself in harms way on the fourth.
According to the Springdale fire department, around 200 people a day are injured by fireworks in the month surrounding the fourth of July. 
So what if you do happen to be injured by a firework, what should you do?
“It really depends on the burn itself, if its any burn you need to stop the burning process whether its a small burn or a large burn,” said Harrison.
You can stop the burning process by running water over the burn. Harrison also says to avoid burn creams or homemade ingredients because they could hold in heat and make the burn worse.
Officials say that adolescents are generally the most affected by firework burns and they also warned to always protect your face and mouth before anything else.

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