This week’s heavy rain has roads across Northwest Arkansas flooded, even making some impossible to pass. 

For the safety of the public we just ask that if you see barricades you don’t go around them,”
said Jay Frasier, the Administrator of the Benton County Road Department.

Rain, rain, and more rain. Across Northwest Arkansas the rain has hardly let up over the past week, causing some to reminiscence over last year’s damaging floods. 

Reporter: Do you guys get nervous when you hear of all this rain coming? 

“Of course we do. Oh yes, it’s like okay who is around the gallery can tell us what it’s doing out here?” said Bonnie Wagner, the President of Village Art Club.

The Wishing Spring Gallery in Bella Vista had over 5 inches of water inside the gallery last April.

“At that time or floor was carpeted so the carpet had to be pulled up and take it out and we put down tile so if we get another tremendous it’ll be a little easier.” said Wagner

The Benton County Roads Department said after last year’s county wide flooding, they decided to switch things up to try to prevent what happened in April, from happening again. 

“We changed a lot of different things as far as our coverts goes, our pipe crossings in these major areas. We’ve done a lot of work in them. They’ve held up great.” said Frasier.

On Saturday, 29 roads were closed in Benton County due to flooding. 

 Jay Frasier said that number could’ve been a lot higher. 

“It was a tremendous help getting those grants through FEMA, through hazard mitigation, and the county. A lot of these roads that we did work on we didn’t have to close down.”

According to Frasier, the roads that are closed right now will be closed throughout the night. 

“If you come up on a spot of water that you can’t see the bottom turn around don’t drown.” said Frasier.

Frasier added that the roads department will be out Sunday morning to asses any damages and make sure the roads are clear to drive on. 

To see a list of all the road closures, click here.