ROGERS, Ark. (KNWA/KFTA) — Due to the COVID-19 concerns, all of the local Wastewater Treatment Facilities have seen an increase in wipes labeled “flushable” being flushed into their City’s sewer mains. 

Please be aware that wipes that are sold as “flushable” may, in fact, not be “flushable” and may not break down in the water. 

This can cause issues for both the City and the resident’s sewer pipes. 

Flushing of wipes causes residents and cities to spend tens of thousands of dollars on sewer stoppages as well as premature equipment repair and replacement.

Wipes snag on roots, pipe joints, and low spots in sewer pipes. 

The passing debris and grease then create a “ball” that will grow to eventually plug the pipe. 

Please remember that in most areas, the resident is responsible for the maintenance and repair charges from any stoppage in the lateral line from the house to the sewer main. 

If a wipe makes it into the City system, it can cause sewage back-ups, overflows, or damage pumps in sewage lift stations. 

Please put these items where they belong in the first place: in your trash container.  

That will save all of us the damages caused by unsanitary sewage back-ups, and also any expensive repairs to un-clog a backed-up sewer lateral or main. 

These items should not be flushed into their sewer mains, regardless of the labeling “flushable” or “non-flushable”.

·         Wipes of any kind, flushable and non-flushable

·         Feminine hygiene products, condoms, contraceptives

·         Excessive fats, oil, grease

·         Bandages, wrappings

·         Cigarette butts and coffee grounds

·         Disposable diapers and dryer sheets

·         Ear swabs, cotton balls, dental floss

·         Facial tissue, paper towels, scrubbing pads

·         Hair

·         Medication

·         Pet waste, kitty litter

·         Automotive fluid

·         Paint, solvents, sealants, thinners

·         Poisons, hazardous waste

·         Plastic of any kind

·         Inorganic materials

·         Syringes, needles, sharps

The only material that should be flushed is that which comes from the body and toilet paper.  If you have any questions or concerns you can contact your service provider.