NORTHWEST ARKANSAS (KNWA/KFTA) — Northwest Arkansas food truck operators are busing serving hungry customers this summer but they are also facing some challenges.

Raymond Washington Lee Jr. works at Kinley’s Soul Food truck. He said inflation has made some of their menu items cost more.

“We had to raise prices on a few things like the fish, anything that got to do with fish we had to raise the price on that,” Washington said.

At The Witching Hour food truck in Bentonville, co-owner Zac Slusher, said its still their first year of business, so it’s hard to tell how inflation will impact them.

“We’ve made all the prices according to what were getting, after a year we’re going to look back at what we need to change, some stuff goes up, some stuff goes down,” Slusher said.

Slusher said sometimes some food or other items he needs are out of stock.

“Really just random stuff sometimes its ketchup, sometimes these forks are gone,” Slusher said.

Both Slusher and Washington said they also have to work to beat the summer heat when cooking inside the trucks.

“Drink lots and lots of water and try not to think about it,” Slusher said.

Slusher said he goes to Avoca to get gas to try and save some money during the rising fuel prices. While Washington said he doesn’t think the truck is getting as many customers as they normally do because of the high gas prices.

“Gas prices, you can’t move around if you got no gas,” Washington said.

Despite all the challenges, Slusher said their customer base continues to grow.

“Just proud of what were doing because its growing quickly,” Slusher said.