LITTLE ROCK, Ark. – Former Arkansas governor and presidential candidate Asa Hutchinson took to the debate stage in Milwaukee Wednesday night.

Hutchinson faced off against seven other candidates during the debate, covering topics like abortion, the economy, education and even former President Donald Trump.

The former governor said abortion was a major issue during his time as governor, noting he signed 30 pieces of pro-life legislation into law.

“It is a most important issue for women, and for the unborn child, and for our country that we get this right,” Hutchinson stated. “Let’s talk about it in terms of compassion, in terms of protecting the life and also, understanding how we have to enhance adoption services, how we have to enhance maternal care.”

On crime, Hutchinson said the focus is on fentanyl trafficking and establishing a respect for the justice system.

“We have to have respect for our justice system and the rule of law and it starts at the top, with the president of the United States,” Hutchinson said.

After the candidates were asked if they would support the absent Trump as the party’s nominee even if he were convicted, Hutchinson was adamant in his stance against the former president, saying he was “morally disqualified” from being president again.

“Obviously I’m not going to support somebody who’s been convicted of a serious felony or who is disqualified under our constitution,” Hutchinson stated.

When the debate turned to the topic of cartels, Hutchinson said key strategies in dealing with them as president would be bringing in the Mexican government and securing the border.

“We cannot be successful against the cartel unless we bring in Mexico as a partner,” Hutchinson said.  “The rule of law matters on both sides of it.”

Hutchinson cited his time in Arkansas when asked about education, focusing on his push for computer science education.

“This is how you compete with China: As president of the United States, I will make sure we go from 51% of our schools offering computer science to every school in rural areas and urban areas offering computer science for the benefit of our kids,” Hutchinson said.

Trump was absent from the debate, instead doing an interview with former Fox News host Tucker Carlson on social media.

The next GOP presidential debate will be on Sept. 27 in California.