HOT SPRINGS, Ark. (KNWA/KFTA) — The Hot Springs Police department has released the 911 calls stemming from the attack of an Asian man outside of Oaklawn Casino in Hot Springs.

On March 13, now former Bentonville fire captain, Benjamin Snodgrass, 44, was arrested and charged with misdemeanor third-degree battery and public intoxication for attacking Liem Nguyen while he was waiting for his Uber outside the casino.

Hot Springs police released three 911 calls, two of which were made by Snodgrass. During the first call, Snodgrass told a dispatcher he’s a Captain with the Bentonville fire department and he’s heard saying, “there is crazy s*** going on,” but did not give a location. He’s heard repeatedly saying the word, “crosswalk,” during the call.

The dispatcher kept asking Snodgrass, “what’s going on in the crosswalk?” Snodgrass said, “they’re probably f****** pumping gases like no one’s business.” The dispatcher then asked, “you said they’re pumping gas?” The call lasted 58 seconds.

A second call made from Snodgrass lasted one minute and 22 seconds. Snodgrass, again, told the dispatch he’s with the Bentonville fire department, and said, “there’s a hazmat situation,” but did not give a location.

“There’s a whole bunch of gases… and like hazmat s*** that nobody ever even,” Snodgrass is heard saying. The dispatcher asked Snodgrass “what do you mean gases and hazmat, sir?” Snodgrass responded by saying, “yea, the people aren’t f******* responding real well… in there. I think we got a…. I think we got a life or death situation!”

The dispatcher continued to talk to Snodgrass asking, “what do you mean they’re not responding, sir?” Snodgrass replied, “they’re not… yea. Did that catch your attention?” Expressing frustration the dispatcher asked, “I don’t know what you mean by, ‘not responding,’ are they ignoring you? Are they not talking to you? Are they passed out on the flood? There’s a big difference!”

Snodgrass replied, “it doesn’t matter.” The dispatcher said, “well it does matter, sir! But I need to know what kind of assistance to send! I need you to be clear with me on what’s happening!” Snodgrass said, “you need to…. you need to be a public servant and do the right f****** thing, right now! Because you know the s*** that’s going down, down here ain’t right.”

Capt. Benjamin Snodgrass, 44
Courtesy: City of Bentonville

The third 911 call was a witness who said there were men jumping another man outside the Oaklawn Casino.

He has since been released from the Garland County Jail on March 14 after posting a $1,500 bond. On March 19, the victim filed a no-contact order and it was granted by a Garland County Judge. Snodgrass also entered a not guilty plea for all charges.

According to a press release from the city of Bentonville, Captain Benjamin Snodgrass tendered his resignation on March 23. The resignation is effective immediately.

Snodgrass was employed with the city since March of 2007. He expressed regret and an apology for any embarrassment to his family, fellow firefighters, friends, and the City of Bentonville, according to the press release.

Snodgrass’s next court date is scheduled for 8:30 a.m. on May 6 at the Garland County courtroom in Hot Springs.

Bodycam footage is shown below of the arrest. Disclaimer: viewer discretion is advised due to the use of profanity.