WASHINGTON COUNTY, Ark. (KNWA/KFTA) — After pleading guilty to felony criminal mischief and misdemeanor disorderly conduct, former Beyond Meat COO Doug Ramsey has responded to the lawsuit filed against him by the man he allegedly attacked in a Fayetteville parking garage last fall.

On January 30, Khristan Uran filed suit in the Civil Division of Washington County circuit court, seeking damages for “assault, battery, outrage, and civil action by a crime victim,” according to court documents. The complaint said that Ramsey, 53, exited his vehicle “in a fit of rage” and smashed through the plaintiff’s rear window with his fist after an Arkansas Razorbacks football game.

In an answer to the complaint filed with the court on March 6, Ramsey admitted to breaking the plaintiff’s window but denied some of the other allegations, including that he “began to violently strike Plaintiff with Defendant’s fist.” The filing also stated that Ramsey bit the plaintiff “in order to stop the plaintiff from attacking him.”

Regarding other specific aspects of the incident, Ramsey said that “the police report speaks for itself.”

The answer asked the court to dismiss the plaintiff’s complaint and to pay for Ramsey’s costs and attorney’s fees, as well as “all other relief to which he may prove himself entitled.”

A separate filing specifically asked for one of the counts in the lawsuit to be dismissed because it “fails to allege facts sufficient to sustain a cause of action for outrage.” In a brief filed to support that request, Ramsey’s attorney painted a very different description of the altercation than the plaintiff.

“After stripping out the hyperbole and histrionics, the plaintiff’s Complaint alleges he and
the defendant got into a garden variety fist-fight,” said defense attorney Jason H. Wales. “The plaintiff’s Complaint falls woefully short of stating a viable cause of action for outrage and should be dismissed.”

Following his guilty plea, Ramsey was sentenced to three years on probation and a $1,000 fine.