Fort Smith Marshals Museum Takes Shape


We now see the beginning stages of the United States Marshal Museum taking shape.

President and CEO of the Marshals Museum Patrick Weaks said today is a landmark day in fort smith as the first official steel beam was placed on the worksite.

“This community, this state, this region has been waiting on this museum for a while now and today’s the day we start going vertical,” said President and CEO of the Marshals Museum, Patrick Weaks.

In 2007 the marshals service awarded Fort Smith the honor of being the home of the Marshals Museum. Superintendent of CDI Contractors said with the work being done Tuesday they have set a milestone for the community to see.

“The way we work on jobs is set off of milestones. First milestone was pushing the dirt, second was concrete but nobody could see it. Now people can see it.,” said CDI Contractors Superintendent Chris Boyle.

The 53 thousand square feet museum will tell the stories of justice, integrity, and service of the marshals. Visitors will also be immersed into the state of the art work space u-s marshals experience today.

Boyle said the beam that was placed today is a significant one as it signifys the honor of U.S. marshals.

“As you look at it overhead it’s going to look like a star similar to the Marshall’s badge of service,” said Boyle.

435 tons of steel will go into the final building. Weaks said they are still on track for the marshall’s museum to be done in September of 2019.

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