The Fort Smith Police Department (FSPD) welcomed the arrival of 80 AXON Body Cameras, according to the department’s Facebook post on February, 4.

“The total cost for cameras, implementation, the massive amount of storage needed, and five years’ worth of the necessary licenses is right at $402,000,” according to Fort Smith Police Department’s Public Information Officer, Aric Mitchell. 

“The City Board of Directors was generous enough to approve the purchase late last year,” Mitchell said. “It will be paid for through funds acquired from the city’s share of federal asset forfeitures, so it’s not costing the taxpayers anything.”

“The cameras will add a layer of transparency, which is necessary for 21st Century policing, and it also will highlight the great work our officers are already doing,” Mitchell stated. “It’s going to be an invaluable training tool as well for current and future recruits.”

According to AXON’s website, each device and app work seamlessly together, and when you draw your taser or weapon, its signal technology alerts your Axon camera so it can begin capturing vital footage.

From there, that footage easily uploads to a website where law enforcement can quickly view and organize it as well as use additional tools for transcription, redaction, and more, according to their website. 

The Fort Smith Police Department post on Facebook said:

“Almost there! The Fort Smith Police Department welcomes the arrival of 80 AXON body cameras and thanks to the Board of Directors and especially You, the citizens of Fort Smith, for providing us with these resources to help deliver the best level of service possible.”

Some people who commented on the FSPD Facebook page seemed to be pleased that police may have more protection.

Some of the comments included: 

“Fantastic!! So Important!! Thanks to Everyone responsible for this upgrade! So important!!! Back the Blue!!”

“Well deserved! Thanks for your protection and service.”

“Thank you all for your service!”