FORT SMITH, Ark. (KNWA/KFTA) — The Fort Smith Police Department released the surveillance video from Doug’s Eastside Convenience of a robbery that turned into a homicide back on March 24, 2023.

Capt. Jeff Carter of the criminal investigation division at the Fort Smith Police Department says he hopes that releasing the video brings them one step closer to finding the suspect.

“We’re hitting every angle we can. We’re hoping that video would be our best possible chance to get some kind of evidence,” Carter said.

Carter says Chanell Moore was the victim of the robbery-turned-homicide back in March, where a person came in and asked for a pack of cigarettes and then killed her.

“I’ve been here for about 24 years, and this is probably one of the most heinous crimes that I’ve seen just in the fact of the way that it happened,” Carter said.

Carter says the Fort Smith Police Department owes it to the family of Chanell for finding out who did this to her.

“This heinous of a crime, of course, we want closure with the family that they need answers and so we want to help get them those answers,” Carter said.

Marie Moore, the aunt of Chanell Moore, says she hasn’t completely grasped Chanell’s death as she doesn’t understand why this would happen.

“Every time you saw her, she just smiled. She was such a good girl, and for someone to take her life like that is just unbelievable,” Moore said.

Moore says Chanell was a hard worker, and she exemplified that all the way until her death as she made a way to provide for four kids.

“She was at work trying to make a living for children. She didn’t even live that type of life for anybody to be, you know, that mad at her,” Moore said.

Moore says she is just thankful for the outreach support from the community towards their family and she can tell Chanell was loved.

“She probably didn’t even realize she had that many people that cared about her, but everybody that met her, I mean, they say the same thing, that she always smiled, and she was just as she wanted to be,” Moore said.

The Fort Smith Police Department is asking the community to contact them if it has any information regarding the investigation or if anyone recognizes the suspect in the video.