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They are individuals, who impact our area in a variety of ways.

Variety is a word that best describes the latest Mover and Shaker. He’s individual who wears many hats, whether on stage or on camera. He’s a thespian, with wild side.

Some people have it ….while others struggle to find it.
But not everyone is like Jason Suel. And the dedication to *his craft — has been unbridled.
“Being creative has always been my passion.” says Jason Suel. “My life is this beautiful tapestry made up of all of these different endeavors.”

This jack of all trades can be found either hosting, acting, singing or appearing at some of Northwest Arkansas’ biggest events. And just like now, Suel’s magnetic presence began at an early age. “People tell me now that I was a HAM as a kid, so I was always at the family gatherings or the parties or whatever it was. I loved being the center of attention.”

And he would harness that excitement in front of the camera. “I was actually always outside making movies with the camcorder. I did a lot of that as a kid.” says Suel.

But he needed inspiration. He found that from late night legends, like Johhny Carson and David Letterman, along with a coming of age variety show. Suel says, “I would stay up late, later than I probably should have, watching Saturday Night Live watching sketches, creating my own sketches…in class, in study hall… I would write these things out.” His learning paid off during his sophomore year. “In the 10th grade, when I got the lead in the school play of “Our Town”. I was casted as George Gibbs in “Our Town”.

After graduating from the University of Central Arkansas — Suel gained his masters in theater from Bowling Green University. He would use that experience soon after, but it would be half a world away. “I actually lived in a little place called, Hereford.. on the border of England and Wales. And I worked at a Junior Youth Theater.” And it was in England where Suel found another passion, working with children. 

After four years overseas.. he returned stateside and to Northwest Arkansas, applying for a position at a new theater venue, called Trike Theater. “I remember going onto their website and it said…’Life skills through theater skills”. And I said, that’s me. That’s true to my heart. I vibed with that.”

Suel would add on more projects. From singing in his band, “Ultra Suede” and performing with a comedy improv group, Funbags to hosting his popular show, ‘Later, with Jason Suel’ and “Good Day NWA.” Suel says, “I’m a runner, so I’m always out hustling. But I’m also hustling in my work life as well.” 

It’s a juggling act, Suel embraces. “I think that they’ve also really helped give me focus. I know that might sound crazy, because it’s a lot of things that I’m talking about. But if you boil it down, I really think instead of trying to do everything, I’ve limited it to the things that I feel really passionate about.”

Everyone has their own niche. For Jason Suel, it’s the dedication, sacrifice and commitment to the craft — that brings his imagination to life. “It might not be the choice for somebody else…but I know that it’s the right choice for me…so I stay true to that calling.”

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