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Doctors, Pharmacists Cracking Down on Prescription Fraud

FAYETTEVILLE, Ark. (KFTA) -- Fayetteville Police are looking for two individuals wanted for prescription fraud. Officers say two suspects wrote fake prescriptions and are wanted for questioning. 

Local doctors and pharmacists are cracking down on people writing these fake prescriptions. 

"It's usually the pain medications, oxycodone, hydrocodone, sometimes the anxiety medicines like zanax or valium. We have seen some there's a liquid phenergan with codeine that sometimes is popular," said Julie Stewart, a pharmacist at Medical Arts Pharmacy & Medical Supply in Fayetteville.

Stewart says she has seen several different instances of prescription fraud in the past few years, including people adding zeros to the number of pills on their prescription.

"The other way if they had somehow got access to a family members prescription, that is actually a true prescription but not necessarily for them," Stewart said.

That's why Stewart says extra security measures are necessary.

"Try to get identifying information from them so a drivers license and date of birth and other things like that to make sure we're filling it for the person that it's for."

Social worker Mary Schulz says addicts will go as far as breaking the law to get what they need.

"When you have an addiction, those chemicals are not only affecting your mood but now they are affecting your behavior. Your body is depending on this and it's going to get its fix and whatever it takes that's what its going to do," Schulz said.

But over time doctors and pharmacists have developed new ways to curb the issue.

"If we have a feeling about a prescription there might be something fishy with it, we'll call doctors offices to verify that it is a true prescription for that patient and also I will say doctors have been doing a lot of e-prescribing which is sending prescriptions electronically," Stewart said.

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