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Dog Flu Case Confirmed in Arkansas

Pet owners should seek out the vaccine immediately

ROGERS, Ark. (Fox 24) -- A new illness, affecting dogs, has veterinarians in Northwest Arkansas on high alert. 

In Northwest Arkansas, there has been a confirmed case of the dog flu, so veterinarians are saying if you are a canine owner, you should be taking the proper precautions.

According to vet, Dr. Kyle Fugett with the Rogers Animal Medical Center, a boarding shelter in Fayetteville discovered the flu in one of the dogs. 

Symptoms include sneezing, coughing and a high fever.  

The strain is considered highly contagious: 80% of dogs that come in contact will get sick. 1 in 10 dogs will die. 

"It's not the virus itself that's killing the animals, its the secondary, pneumonia's and everything else that they get. Not every animal that gets the flu will be hospitalized, but as they get secondary infections, that will require intense hospitalization," said Dr. Fugett.

With the fourth of July around the corner, dog owners should take action. If you are considering boarding your dog or taking them out to play, now is the time to get the vaccine. 

Dr. Fugett says the vaccine costs around $25 and $35. 

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